Riga is ready for 1 600 media reps from 60 countries

Photo by Anda Kukemilka 

It will be the largest number of journalists to visit Riga in the history of the Latvian capital. While the whole world may not be watching, the huge international audience that will tune in will be getting their coverage from almost 1 700 media representatives from over 60 countries. With final accreditation completed, that’s the number of journalists that will be covering the Riga Summit for audiences in 26 NATO member states, plus Mauritania, Egypt, Australia, Japan and many others. The NATO Riga Summit is of global importance and the massive media presence will make sure audiences around the world are fully informed about every detail. 

The NATO Riga Summit Press Centre will be open to all accredited journalists and fully operational on Sunday, November 26. Once you’ve gotten your press kits and have your bearings at the Summit site, be sure to schedule some time to walk around Riga itself. Apart from visiting some of the other Summit related sites, it will be a good chance to see the city as it prepares to serve as a backdrop for history.


Philippe Douste-Blazy

"Three major subjects to be tackled in Riga: the Alliance’s military modernization, enlargement and partnerships

Philippe Douste-Blazy,
Minister of Foreign Affairs of France