NATO Summit a public holiday for the people of Latvia
NATO Summit a public holiday for the people of Latvia

Photo by LATO 

Although NATO leaders are coming to Riga to work, for the people of Latvia
that means a special holiday. The Latvian government has declared the two days of the Riga Summit – November 28 and 29 – as public holidays. Since these dates fall in the middle of the week on Tuesday and Wednesday, the government has asked offices to close on Monday, November 27th as well, but has designated the following Saturday, December 2 as a make-up day. As a result, the people of Latvia will have 5 free days leading up to and during the summit to do as they wish.

Those who want to follow Summit events will be able to do so on TV or radio. There will be live coverage of many activities, as well as special news stories about Summit-related issues and events. Those not interested in the substance of the Summit will still be curious about the many high-level delegations arriving in and moving about the city. 

For many in Latvia, this ‘extra’ holiday will be welcomed since three traditional holidays - Midsummer Day (June 23), Independence Day (November 18) and New Years Eve  - all fall on Saturdays and Sundays.


Valērijs Kargins

"The NATO Riga Summit is one of the most significant international events to take place in Latvia. Parex, a bank with international interests and ambitions, could not miss the opportunity to contribute to the event. We are proud to support events which contribute to the history and inform Latvia and the international community about NATO and the importance of security in the global economy

- Valērijs Kargins,
Parex bank, President