NATO Riga Summit News Digest, November 24

Summit volunteers - easy to spot, easy to talk to.

With over 600 volunteers posted around all the Summit sites, Summit guests will find help available everywhere, all the time. They'll be easy to spot too because Latvia's NATO Summit volunteers will be nattily dressed in eye-catching NATO color accessories.

Riga is ready for 1 700 media reps from 60 countries

It will be the largest number of journalists to visit Riga in the history of the Latvian capital. While the whole world may not be watching, the huge international audience that will tune in will be getting their coverage from almost 1 700 media representatives from over 60 countries. With final accreditation completed, that's the number of journalists that will be covering the Riga Summit for audiences in 26 NATO member states, plus Mauritania, Egypt, Australia, Japan and many others. The NATO Riga Summit is of global importance and the massive media presence will make sure audiences around the world are fully informed about every detail. 

Still use snail mail? Stamp it with a Riga Summit logo!

If you file your stories electronically but like to send postcards the old fashioned way, the special edition Riga Summit postage stamp will give your retro writing a special touch!

This week, in honor of the NATO Riga Summit 2006, the Latvian Post released a special postal stamp and envelope to mark the event. Both will feature the NATO Riga Summit logo.

Latvia's President hands out the first media credentials

Latvia's President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga officially opened the NATO Riga Summit Media Accreditation Center on November 23 by handing out the first three media accreditation cards.

The President chose three cards at random and produced a truly democratic result - a newspaper journalist, a radio journalist and a TV cameraman. The President used this event to get a firsthand look at the Main Summit Venue at the Latvian Olympic Center, and then inaugurated  the Press Theatre with its first  press conference – a few short remarks about next week's big event.

The President of Latvia hosts concert of the artists of Latvia
 in honour of NATO Leaders

On Monday, November 28, the President of Latvia will host a Gala Concert celebrating the art and artists of Latvia in honour of NATO Riga Summit 2006. The concert, "The Returning", will be presented at Latvia's National Opera in Riga for the Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government and other guests of President Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

The concert is composed of music and dance from over the centuries to trace the thousand year journey of Latvia to the 21st Century.

Get Ready for the NATO Riga Summit with the Media Handbook

The official NATO Riga Summit Media Handbook has been posted on the NATO Riga Summit website . The Handbook along with plans of the Media Center and its surroundings are available in English, French and Latvian and can be found in the "Media" section under "Press Center" or by clicking on the following link

The NATO Riga Summit News Digest is prepared in cooperation with
Latvian Institute


Claire A. Poulin

"Last Spring, Riga was host of the International Hockey Championship.  Six months later, in less than 2 weeks, the world will again look at Riga, but for different reasons.  No competition, here!  Only solidarity between nations which share a same goal

- Claire A. Poulin,
Ambassador Of Canada To Latvia