Riga Summit Declaration 

Issued by the Heads of State and Government
participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council
in Riga on 29 November 2006


1. We, the Heads of State and Government of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, reaffirm today in Riga our resolve to meet the security challenges of the 21st century and defend our populations and common values, while maintaining a strong collective defence as the core purpose of our Alliance.  Our 26 nations are united in democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law, and faithful to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter.


Read it all http://www.nato.int/docu/pr/2006/p06-150e.htm


Ferdinando Zezza

"As the process of Europe’s integration advances, NATO and the EU are in the favorable situation to develop a common strategic vision

-Ferdinando Zezza,
Italian Ambassador to Latvia